Be Kind

                                                                                     By Sarah Tan | GroundBreakers 2022
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Be Kind
Your friend has just embarrassed herself in the school canteen, in front of everyone! Will you run up to offer her your help immediately? Or, will you laugh at her, along with everyone else? Be Kind is an adaptation from the book ‘Be Kind’ by Pat Zietlow Miller. Through an interactive setting, the audience gets to choose the outcome of each scene in the show. Sarah goes on a journey through various situations, where she learns about kindness, and how it can be easily practiced, no matter how big or small the acts are.
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 About the artist
Sarah Tan is a pianist, performer and an educator who has been in the creative field of music and performing arts for the past 14 years. Having been fortunate to have built a connection to this form of art as an outlet of expression from a young age, Sarah strongly believes that music and performance has the ability to bring joy and comfort to one through all of life’s many ups and downs. Apart from that, being a student of music has equipped her with many important life skills that she values and carries with her into adulthood. Through her work and future projects, Sarah hopes to improve the accessibility of music education to the younger generation of all backgrounds, not only to impart musical knowledge, but to encourage character development and through the practice of music. These days, Sarah counts her 2 year old daughter, music, and her piano students as her greatest inspirations