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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Website related questions

Why is there is no activation link sent to my Inbox after registration? 

Do check your junk mail/ spam folder for our email. The activation link will only last for 48 hours. Please email us at if you did not receive your activation link from both your Inbox or your junk mail and we will advise the next steps.

I have problems signing up for an account. How do I proceed?
Please ensure that your password contains a number (0-9) , a lower case character (a - z), an upper case character (A -Z) and a special character. 
For example: Jamestan2023!

How can I book tickets to Explore M.A.P. at Goodman Arts Centre?
Click on Current Visual Arts Space (GAC) to choose your preferred date and time slots. Each group ticket is a $15 refundable deposit allowing up to 5 pax. In the event of no-show, the deposit will be forfeited and deemed as a donation to The Artground’s operations.

PLEASE NOTE: From 1st Aug 2024, Explore M.A.P. at Goodman Arts Centre will be chargeable at $5/pax on weekdays, and $8/child + $5/adult on weekends/PH/school holidays. 

Why is there no "Add To Cart" option for Programme + Explore tickets?
This is because your child may not be in the stipulated age group. Do look out for other programmes that might be suitable for your child under the What's On page.

There is no option to "Add To Cart" for Programme + Explore tickets even though my child is within the correct age group, how can I proceed?
Do email us at with your registered email address and screenshot of the issue. We will check and respond to you within 2 working days.

I am booking tickets for a friend with children and have registered them under "Guest". Why am I unable to book tickets for them? 
Our system allows you to book only if you have a child under your account. We recommend two options: 
 1. We advise the family with children to create a profile and book tickets for themselves and add you as their "Guest".
 2. If you'd like to book on their behalf, kindly add their children details under the "Child" profile under your account, and add the parent details under "Guest". 

When do you release slots for Explore M.A.P. and Programme + Explore tickets at Goodman Arts Centre? 
For Explore M.A.P. tickets, tickets are available for booking 7 days in advance. If you do not see any available dates/time slots, this would mean that we are closed for school excursions or ticketed "Programme + Explore" events, or private bookings eg birthday parties.

For Programme + Explore tickets, we release tickets every Tuesdays at 12pm, two weeks in advance. Do check our Instagram + Facebook page for more information.

How do I ensure that I entered my child's profile correctly?
Please enter your child's birthdate in this format: YYYY/MM/DD (for example, 2022/11/29). The system will automatically calculate your child's age to ensure that your child is within the age group of our programmes.

Admission related questions
Does everyone need a ticket to enter The Artground @Goodman Arts Centre and @One Holland Village?
Yes, everyone is required to have their own ticket including infants.

Is there concession for Blue and Orange CHAS card holders at One Holland Village?
Yes, we provide free admission for Blue and Orange CHAS card holders at One Holland Village. All visitors are required to pre-register for tickets and show your valid Blue/Orange CHAS cards + photo id (eg bus card or driver's license) at our reception to gain free entry. Please pre-register for your free tickets here. Limited capacities apply. 

What is an Explore ticket?
Explore tickets allow you and your family to explore our arts space for 75min. We limit the capacity for our arts spaces to ensure a positive arts experience for all families.  

At Goodman Arts Centre, Explore tickets are free of charge, with a refundable deposit of $15, for groups up to 5 pax. You will receive a refund of the $15 when you attend your session. The $15 deposit will be forfeited for no-show. Alternatively, you may opt to donate it to The Artground. Explore tickets are released 7 days before the date of booking to allow full refund of your $15, based on our payment gateway policy. 

At One Holland Village, Explore tickets are non-refundable and chargeable at $5/person, including babies in arms. Explore tickets are released on the 2nd Tues (for 1st - 15th of the following month) and 4th Tue (for 16th to end of the following month) of each month. 

PLEASE NOTE: From 1st August 2024, this is our revised pricing
Explore Arts Space @ Goodman Arts Centre
Weekdays: $5/pax
Weekends/PH/School holidays: $8/child, $5/adult

Explore Arts Space @ One Holland Village
Weekdays: $5/pax
Weekends/PH/School holidays: $10/child, $8/adult

What is a Programme + Explore ticket? 
Programmes at The Artground are age-specific performances and workshops that families may attend. Upon booking a Programme + Explore ticket, ticket holders can attend a 30-minute (unless otherwise stated) arts programme and have access to the arts space M.A.P. (Many Alternative Possibilities) 45 minutes before their scheduled programme start time.

If my child is sick on the actual day, can I request for a refund?
Programme + Explore tickets for all our centres are strictly non-refundable unless stated otherwise. If you are unable to make the Programme for any reason (including covid-related matters), you can transfer your ticket to another family by forwarding them your QR codes. Please ensure that the child is in the correct age group. There are no refunds or credits for Programme + Explore tickets. 

For Explore tickets at Goodman Arts Centre, please email us at before your time slot and we will refund you accordingly. Any late notice will be rejected and no refunds will be issued.

For Explore tickets at One Holland Village, no refunds will be issued. 

Does everyone in my group have to wear non-slip grip socks? 
Yes, non-slip grip socks are mandatory in our arts space. You can bring your own non-slip grip socks or purchase a pair at our reception at $3/pair. We accept payment by cash, Nets or PayNow/PayLah.

How do I ensure that my child is exploring safely? 
We sanitise the Visual Arts Space thoroughly after every session to ensure that it is safe before the next group arrives. 

The Visual Arts Space has been carefully created and designed for children to explore and be curious. The accompanying parent/adult would know your child/ren best so full parental supervision is mandatory to ensure the safety of your child/ren. While we encourage children to have the freedom to explore, they do not have the freedom to destroy. If any structures are found to be damaged on purpose, penalty charges shall apply. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Can I change the date and time after I’ve purchased a ticket? 
Unfortunately we are not able to change the date and time slot for Programme + Explore tickets. We strongly advise you to check the time and date of your ticket before purchasing.

For Explore tickets at Goodman Arts Centre, please write to to request for a cancellation at least 3 working days before your event date and we will process it accordingly. Once we have cancelled your tickets, you may proceed to book new Explore tickets.

School Learning Journey Questions 
How do I book for excursions to The Artground? 
Please click here for more information and email us at for bookings. 

About The Artground @ One Holland Village (OHV)
Is there an admission fee to enter The Artground @ OHV?
There is a $5/pax admission charge for TAG @OHV.  

Free admission is still available at TAG @ Goodman Arts Centre with a refundable deposit of $15 per group booking (up to 5pax per group).

PLEASE NOTE: From 1st August 2024, this is our revised pricing
Explore Arts Space @ Goodman Arts Centre
Weekdays: $5/pax
Weekends/PH/School holidays: $8/child, $5/adult

Explore Arts Space @ One Holland Village
Weekdays: $5/pax
Weekends/PH/School holidays: $10/child, $8/adult

What is an Intergenerational Arts Programme?
Intergenerational Arts Programme is our new signature programme that connects our senior friends and young ones together through art workshops and storytelling sessions that caters to both generations. 

We've specially designed art workshops and activities that are not only fun but flexible for our little ones and seniors to participate and make memories together through the arts. For busy parents who rely on grandparents for child care, we're here to add an extra dose of fun to your everyday routine!

About the new revised pricing for Explore tickets

Why is The Artground starting to charge for entry?
As an arts charity, The Artground has relied on donations and grants to sustain its operations. However, to ensure long-term sustainability and continue offering quality arts programmes, we need to start introducing entry charges. This will help us cover operational costs, and to maintain our facilities.

When will the new charges take effect?
The new pricing structure will take effect on 1 August 2024. We are providing this notice in advance to allow our visitors to plan accordingly. 

What will the new pricing structure be?
Explore Arts Space @ Goodman Arts Centre
Weekdays: $5/pax
Weekends/PH/School holidays: $8/child, $5/adult

Explore Arts Space @ One Holland Village
Weekdays: $5/pax
Weekends/PH/School holidays: $10/child, $8/adult

Blue and Orange CHAS card holders will still enjoy free admission for Explore Arts Space at both One Holland Village and Goodman Arts Centre.

For schools:
$22 per student, and $5 per accompanying adult
To lock in the current pricing structure, we encourage schools to make bookings before 1 August 2024. After this date, the new rates will kick in.

From 1 Jan 2025, for birthday bookings:
Goodman Arts Centre: $1000 (flat fee, no GST charge)
One Holland Village: $1200 (flat fee, no GST charge)

Will there be discounts or concessions available?
Blue and Orange CHAS card holders will still enjoy free admission for Explore at both One Holland Village and Goodman Arts Centre

How were the new charges determined?
The new charges were determined after a comprehensive review of our operational costs, a comparison with similar facilities, and feedback from our patrons. We also conducted an IG poll and over 250 users responded. Our goal is to balance affordability with the need for sustainability.

What will happen to donations and grants?
Donations and grants will continue to be a vital part of our funding. The updates in our pricing structure will complement these sources of income, helping us ensure the ability to invest in the sustainability and development of our facilities and programmes.

How will The Artground ensure that the arts remain accessible to everyone?
Every quarter, we conducted work-in-progress GroundBreakers trials which remain (almost) free for families ($2/pax for ticketing charges). We are also committed to offering free access to our communities with children with special needs. We will continue to keep an exclusive slot at 2pm on the 3rd Sunday of every month for this community. 

How can I support The Artground beyond paying the new charges?
You can support The Artground by making donations via this link.