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  Everyday with Brocolily

Everyday with Brocolily is a digital series that embodies storytelling, imaginative play, music, animation and puppetry about the things around us.

For the project, we had the privilege of collaborating with Cheryl Kjm and Zeeaura of Brocolily to produce 2 videos, with original music pieces [that we hope children and everyone of all ages can sing and dance along to]. Songs from both videos are also available on Spotify and [Apple] music, album entitled Everyday with Brocolily This project is supported by the National Arts Council’s Digital Presentation Grant and part of #SGcultureanywhere.

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               Super Hero Tissue
Super Hero Tissue  is an animated video with a catchy theme song that follows the adventures of a helpful pack of tissue. Super Hero Tissue helps keep a runny nose dry, wipes away tears and blood, keeps sweat away from your eyes and does many more things. However, the act of offering a packet of tissue to help each other is something everyone has the means to do, not just a super hero.

“We hope that this song empowers and encourages children from birth to 120 years to be helpful and kind in doing little great things.”

– Brocolily.
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Where Did The Bottle Go?

Through simple puppetry and animation, water bottles left behind by their owners come to life in this short film. For the first time, “Ben” finds himself in a strange and lonely place. He is befriended by “Kimmy”, a ninja, and together they learn how to survive independently on their little adventure.
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