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The Artground x The Alley (Contest)


Design Your Cup Sleeve Contest

Calling all budding artists, this is your chance to leave an impression on The Alley’s kids’ beverage cup sleeves! Unleash your creativity and craft a design that captures the essence of fun and flavour. From playful patterns to vibrant colours, the canvas is yours to paint.
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Steps to participate:

  1. Print the provided template (A4), and have your little one create their masterpiece!
  2. Take a clear, well-lit photo of the artwork.
  3. Submit your designs with the link (and don’t forget to keep the original artwork)
  4. Our panel of judges will be on the lookout for that one winning design to be featured on all The Alley’s kids’ beverage cup sleeves throughout Singapore.
  5. Additionally, we will select 4 more designs, and the creators of these designs will receive tickets to The Artground’s programmes.

Submission: 1 March - 31 March 2024
Selection of winners: 20 April 2024
Winning design will be featured from June to October 2024