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Professional Development for Educators:

Working with Worms Module 1 & 2


Gardening-inspired arts programmes made for holistic learning, creativity, connection to nature and community, and early educators play
an important role in  creating these well-rounded opportunities in easily accessible eco-systems.

  Download     our  Working with Worms  information guide

Working with Worms Module 1

(Online or Onsite)

Join us in our latest online gardening-inspired arts workshop specially curated for early childhood educators titled Working with Worms facilitated by Cultivate Central in collaboration with The Artground. 

Working with Worms  gives early educators access to how one of our key creative partners at The Artground designs, develops and delivers gardening-inspired arts educational experiences for preschoolers.

“Learning about composting and worms. I thought it was really an interesting segment and it opened my eyes to many details about soil and worms that I didn’t know before so it has given me an advantage being equipped with this knowledge that I can share with my colleagues and in turn create exciting and wonderful activities for the children.”

– Claudia Francesca Rajasinghe, E-Bridge

Online (Zoom)

Cost Online programme includes the following:
$25 per participant
minimum 18pax, maximum 22pax per session

For bookings below 18pax, the minimum cost is $450 per session
  • Activity sheets
  • Programme design framework
  • Videos, live quizzes
  • Sharing of ideas and experiences
 Online LIVE stream via ZoomParticipants will receive e-course materials and e-certificate
after the online workshop.

  1 hr 45 minutes

Onsite (The Artground)

CostOnline programme includes the following:
$50 per participant
minimum 18pax, maximum 22pax per session

For bookings below 18pax, the minimum cost is $900 per session
  • Introduction to composting and working with worms
  • Physiology of composting worms
  • Video on Worms on Wheels kit
  • Observation and understanding of various types of composting:
    worm bin, heap composting and worm tower
  • Understanding browns and greens
  • Demonstration of setting up Worms on Wheels kit
  • Educators will get hands-on experience in handling cocopeat, cocofibre, worms and layering of browns and greens
  • Layering of browns and greens
  • Learning the Do's and Don'ts of worm based composting systems
  • Sharing of ideas and experiences
The ArtgroundParticipants will receive e-course materials and e-certificate
after the online workshop.

2 hours

Working with Worms Module 2

Level 2 of Working with Worms  is a hands-on experience geared towards empowering a small group of eco-stewards in your preschool. With this module, educators will be able to lead sustainable garden inspired programmes.

This innovative module will include a Worms on Wheels Kit by Cultivate Central for your teachers to assemble and kick start. With the guidance, tools, support, ideas and lesson plans included in this module, educators will be able to create a worm hotel and soil-based ecosystem for children to access and engage with up close. Educators will also receive support via a post workshop Facebook Group run by team Cultivate Central and The Artground.

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Cost Requirement
$540 (includes delivery)
We will need at least 1 participant from the school to complete the Level 1 programme before the school can book the Level 2 programme.
3 weeks in advance upon booking.

About Cultivate Central

Cultivate Central is a social enterprise on a quest to bring about a cultural shift by making growing food regeneratively, working with soil, composting and reducing food miles second nature in the city. We've been building food gardens, composting with worms and running garden inspired programming for more than 5 years. We turned our passion for vermicomposting into developing and delivering unique nature-based learning programmes for children and their educators. Cultivate Central has worked on regenerating soil and worked with worms in a way that is accessible to children and their communities.  Since 2017, we've reached over 4500 children through our gardening inspired programmes and partnerships with various organisations, schools, preschools and corporates.
Nova Nelson, Founder of Cultivate Central is a Permaculture Designer, gardening coach, urban farmer, consultant and social entrepreneur. She has worked with children and their communities and has helped organisations, corporates and schools embark on their eco-based initiatives. She believes that nature is the ultimate teacher and is passionate about restoring soil, working with worms, creating micro farms and championing regenerative food systems and efforts.