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Social Emotional Learning at Every Turn: Benefits of Creative Movement 

This workshop introduces educators to social emotional learning (SEL) for children, and how creative movement can support children’s self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management and responsible decision-making. Creative movement can be a key tool in holistic education. It provides many opportunities for children to not only learn, but to also exercise these healthy social emotional capacities. As children are spending more time on academics and digital/screen-use from a young age these days, it is all the more valuable for them to also exercise their creativity, to be in movement, and to practise relational skills with their peers.  

Led by Faye Lim, Director of Rolypoly Family, the workshop will cover theory and practical applications, and include examples from their programme Dance Jambo.

 Educators gain increased understanding of: 
Key areas and components of SEL
How creative movement supports SEL
How to set up conducive environments for SEL through creative movement; 
Creative movement exercises for SEL;
 Considerations when conducting SEL through creative movement in-house or through collaborations with artists

Venue: Online (via Zoom) or Onsite (The Artground)
Duration: 3 hrs
Date: Schools can provide 2 different dates and times
Cost: $50 per participant (online) or $55 per participant (onsite)
Group Bookings Only: 18pax (minimum) / 30pax (maximum) per session
For bookings below the 18pax requirement, schools will be required to pay the minimum fee per session

 “Social Emotional Learning has deepened my knowledge and equipped me to inspire activities for music and movement.” 
– Seow Soh Eng, Preschool Teacher, Nobleland Arts N Learning Place
 “The creative animal action part is helpful for children to try to make various animal actions with different levels according to their favourite animals.”
– Huang LiJuan, Preschool Teacher, Nobleland Arts N Learning Place
 “The courses are clearly organized, structured and easy to understand.” 
– Li Shuiyu, Preschool Teacher, Nobleland Arts N Learning Place

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Let's Make a Movement Sentence! Creative Movement Ideas

 Slide, Spin, Jump, Turn
Moving words are fun to learn
Put them in a row and dance
And add new words if you have the chance!

This workshop introduces educators to how comfortable and accessible creative movement can be for them and their young students, and how to incorporate creative movement into language learning. Educators will experience the synergy between language and movement in a creative movement session – from warm-up, to main activities, and cooling down.

The workshop also provides an opportunity for educators to practise planning a short creative movement session, one that they can easily conduct in their classrooms, no matter the size. Educators will be guided to tap into their own creativity and exercise  that energy to innovate their teaching. 

Led by the directors of Rolypoly Family, the workshop will include examples from their dance theatre shows – Letters Come Alive! and Gerak ABC!

Educators gain increased understanding of:
How creative movement is accessible for any educator and young student;
How creative movement sessions create an environment for holistic learning;
How to make a “movement sentence” out of verbs/action words;
Benefits of creative movement for learning languages; and
How to design, plan and facilitate a short, safe and fun creative movement session in-house 

Venue: Online (via Zoom) or Onsite (The Artground)
Duration: 1.5 hrs
Date: Schools can provide 2 different dates and times
Cost: $25 per participant (online) or $30 per participant (onsite)
Group Bookings Only: 18pax (minimum) / 30pax (maximum) per session
For bookings below the 18pax requirement, schools will be required to pay the minimum fee per session

Rolypoly Family

Led by dance artists Faye Lim and Bernice Lee, Rolypoly Family dance projects and programmes support the artistic, creative and social-emotional learning of young children and their families. We are a team of dance artists brought together by our intuitive and responsive movement practices and our dedication to children’s creative genius. We bring dance performances, workshops, exhibitions and other experiences to diverse children and families. We partner groups and organisations across Singapore, such as community groups, social service organisations, arts groups and institutions, and government agencies. Our name is a statement of our beliefs – that families come in all shapes and sizes, that kinship can grow through creative and physical play (yes, rolling!),  and that rhyming is as fun in language as in dance. Rolypoly Family is a division of Derring-Do Dance.

Faye makes, mothers, dances, choreographs, teaches, and performs. As co-director of Derring-Do Dance, she creates artful embodied experiences and learning to children, youths, and families, through performances, workshops, and classes, to diverse children and youths. Her choreography and direction (for performance and for camera), collaborations and commissions have been presented in schools, community places, public spaces, stages, and exhibitions in Singapore and internationally. She has taught dance improvisation and contact improvisation to adults, children, families and college students in Singapore and regionally, such as at Lasalle College of the Arts and Contact Festival Kuala Lumpur. Faye cares deeply about supporting children and adults in feeling confident about their bodies and their inner rhythms.
FE_DanceWorkshop_Bernice.jpeg Bernice Lee is a dance artist whose extensive practice embraces spontaneity and eccentricity, vulnerability and grace. She co-directs Derring-Do Dance because she cares about expanding our imagination of and for the future. Bernice created Rolypoly Family’s children’s dance theatre show Letters Come Alive! when she realised how many children could benefit from seeing language and letters in a more playful and imaginative light, and how sensible it would be to learn through play, by literally embodying the ABCs. Bernice believes that dance and movement is for everyone, and teaches across a wide range of ages and abilities, including preschoolers, children with autism, teenagers, and older dancers. She is a part-time lecturer at Lasalle College of the Arts. Her works have been shown in multiple local and international contexts, including The Esplanade’s da:ns festival 2020 and Singapore International Festival of the Arts 2021.