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For Students

Arts Learning Journey

The Artground welcomes preschoolers and primary school pupils who are 
keen to embark on an arts learning journey as a group.

All participants will get to experience an artist-led workshop as well as to 
explore our interactive visual arts space.
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The Artground presents an exciting new opportunity for children aged 4 to 8 years old to be engaged in our specially curated digital arts experience associated with our past Visual Arts Space Deep Sea. This includes a short interactive film, animated digital post activity and a web-based augmented reality experience at the comfort of your classrooms!

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For Educators

Professional Development for Educators:
Working with Worms Module 1 & 2

  Gardening-inspired arts programme make for holistic learning, creativity, connection to nature and community, and early educators play an important role in creating these well-rounded opportunities in easily accessible eco systems.
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Professional development for Preschool Educators:
Dance Workshops
Do you envision being part of a creative team who can inspire children's interest in the Arts? Do you need more ideas for integrated lesson plans? Join us in our latest online professional development programmes specially curated for early childhood educators.
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