Dot & Line

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 Dot & Line
One day, Line met Dot…and they decided to play together! They became a seesaw. Then a banjo. It was so much fun they invited their friends — big and small, young and old. The more the merrier. With so many friends, Line and Dot discover that they can create much more than before.Line and Dot create bold and brand new things by including a diverse group of friends–and they find that creating together is even more fun.” This project is inspired from the book above “Line and Dot” by Véronique Cauchy (author) and Laurent Simon (illustrator). We hope to develop a shared theatrical play experience where children are invited into the world of Line and Dot. In this project, R & XJ wish to:
Develop the nature of Dot & Line, exploring its relationships and the interconnectivity and defining ways of “Audience Participation” & “Audience Interaction” where the young can become active agents of this experience

The duo came together with a common interest in working for and with the young, and a wonderment for how drama facilitation approaches can come into fruition in performance making. 

R = Regina
Regina Foo enjoys the process of theatre making as a prism to experience the facets of life, to open minds and to indulge in the colourful spectrum of human emotions both light and dark. Since her graduation from Intercultural Theatre Institute in 2017, Regina has been working on creating intimate theatrical moments with children to hold space as we journey through tough emotions together to find our way back to feel whole and strength again.

XJ = Xiao Jun
XJ performs, creates and nurtures in the field of dance, theatre and design. On a lifelong journey of exploration and creation, XJ seeks to blur boundaries of categorisation and labelling in the Arts; and for simplicity to breathe in her craft.