Missing Pages

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  Missing Pages
The Missing Pages is a highly-interactive performance about collaborative and creative problem-solving. It celebrates confidence in making decisions, reminding us that binaries need not exist in the space of exploration; where solutions need not be “right” or “wrong”, but rather celebrated in any amount of progress and growth.The show follows three very different siblings as they adventure through fairytale worlds in search of the missing pages torn from their storybooks. With various obstacles and a mysterious secret along the way, what will they discover?
 About the artists

The Chewy Collective was created with a keen interest in developing interactive stories for the young. By infusing our collective experiences as early-childhood educators and musical theatre performers, we hope to develop shows for the A4YA sector with an emphasis on the concepts of creative expression and free play. Concurrently, we wish to explore and push the boundaries of interactive stories, especially by challenging the level of autonomy that children have in decision-making throughout the show via the theatrical form of improvisation. This project’s team consists of Kimberly Sim, Alexis Elisabeth Chew, Kelly Sim and Vanessa Kee.