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Tech Playground

By The Kueh Tutus | GroundBreakers 2019
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Tech Playground
Sparky is a small electronic arm and is the star of The Tech Playground. In the workshops, children will meet Sparky, dance with Sparky, make music and new friends! The focus of this project is to use interactive art and technology to promote family bonding and intergenerational understanding. Imagine performing a duet with a dancer by controlling an electronic arm, affecting the sounds in the room by the speed at which you move a glowing ball, or creating an unusual picture by how you pose in front of a camera. Now add a way for two people to respond to each other through these various outputs, record the final product and share it. This is what the artists hope The Tech Playground can be.  
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About The Artists
The Kueh Tutus are a collaborative team of creatives (dancers, a composer, a dramaturg) who dove into exploring dances and dance-based experiences for the young and very young. We have spent hours teaching, playing with or being children. Now we also feed a desire for discovery and unlock the imagination through works that are developed with children as an integral part of the creative process. Egged on by choreographer Melissa Quek, we combined our super-powers of productive curiosity in 2017 when our playful engagement with music and movement captured the hearts of parents and children alike. Artist involved in Tech Playground are Melissa Quek, Sage Tan, Eugene Soh, Ming, and Deon Chan.