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The Everywhere Love
Rolypoly Family
3 - 6 years old 24 Feb (Sat) - 03 Mar 24 (Sun)
Programme Content

Love is an important and restorative force - it is invisible and everywhere - a little like our breath, germs, and the distances we keep.


In “The Everywhere Love”, we transform the lessons from the pandemic into a heartfelt and thoughtful dance theatre performance. Through delightful choreography set to original music, we express how we have found new ways of being together, playing together, and even celebrating birthdays together. 

Through difficult times, we have found ways to love and care for each other.


The performance includes interactive elements for audiences, including a very special birthday song composed just for this show. The performance was created by Rolypoly Family dance artists with input from children who participated in “The Everywhere Love – Let’s Make A Dance!” workshops.


The Everywhere Love is venue supported by The Artground

About the Artist(s)

Rolypoly Family stretches your experience of dance and play – centred in delight, respect and safety. We are dedicated to honouring children’s creative genius while facilitating the artistic and socio-emotional learning of diverse young children, their families and communities. Led by artists Faye Lim and Bernice Lee, they run dance and body-based programmes and projects for diverse children and families, in partnership with organisations across Singapore. Their performance of Baby Baby Mama Bear (2017) explored nuances of womanhood and motherhood, and was presented at Maya Dance Theatre’s In Bloom Festival and Fang Mae Khong International Dance Festival. The Artground has been an invaluable space for the development of their programmes, such as Rolypoly Family Dance Party, Dance Playground and Dance Jambo.

Ticket Details

Dates & Times:

24 Feb Sat: 10AM  (With access to CLEAN UP OR ELSE! from 9.15AM - 10AM)

24 Feb Sat: 11.30AM (With access to CLEAN UP OR ELSE! from 10.45AM - 11.30AM)

3 Mar Sun: 10AM  (With access to CLEAN UP OR ELSE! from 9.15AM - 10AM)

3 Mar Sun: 11.30AM (With access to CLEAN UP OR ELSE! from 10.45AM - 11.30AM)

For ages: 3 - 6 years old

Ticket Price: $15 per pax 

Duration: 30 minutes

Venue: Goodman Arts Centre


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Registration Closed
Things to note

Terms and Conditions (Please read carefully before you purchase your tickets)

  • This ticket gives you access to the 30-min scheduled PROGRAMME as well as access to EXPLORE: Clean Up or Else! 45 mins before your scheduled programme time.
  • Programme + Explore tickets are chargeable with each person (adult or child) counted as one pax. A baby in arm is also counted as 1 pax. Please note that tickets are sold PER PAX.
  • Programme + Explore tickets are strictly non-refundable. If you are unable to make the Programme for any reason (including covid-related matters), you may transfer your ticket/s to another family (child/children have to be within the age stipulation). No credit notes can be issued and change of dates/ times are strictly not permitted. Please choose your date and time carefully.
  • Each child must be accompanied by at least one adult into the programme. 
  • If you’re not attending EXPLORE, please arrive 10 mins before the programme starts as latecomers may be denied entry into the programme.
  • This programme is age-specific and The Artground reserves the right to refuse entry to children who are not within the stipulated age group, even if you have purchased a ticket. No refunds will be issued.
  • Audiences have to exit The Artground once the performance is over to enable staff to clean and santise the space.
  • Non-slip grip socks are mandatory for everyone (except pre-walking babies). Socks will be available for sale $3/pair for those who do not have them.
  •  Photography and Videography may be taken by event organisers for marketing and archival purposes