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M.A.P. (Many Alternative Possibilities)
Pathlight School in partnership with The Artground
All children must be accompanied by an adult and be fully supervised during their exploration in the Visual Arts Space 21 Apr 24 (Sun) - 30 Mar 25 (Sun) Creative Team

Art Consultants: Chen Weiyan, Ong Si Ying

Main Contractor: The Merry Men Works

Sticker & Graphics: The Merry Men Works and The Artground 

Painting, Fabric and Textures: Dian Maisarah, Jessy Choo, Nur Hidayah, Nur Nabilah, Shermin Chia, Sherry Woon, Siti Rabiatul, Thia Lim

Music and Composition: Zeeaura

Programme Content

M.A.P. (Many Alternative Possibilities)
21 April 2024 - 30 March 2025

M.A.P. (Many Alternative Possibilities) is a tinker lab of possibilities for the future of transport.

Conceptualised by students from Pathlight School in partnership with The Artground, M.A.P. brings the imaginative world of future transport possibilities to life. This project is driven by their love of transport and out-of-this-world imagination shared by a group of youths. This Arts Space acts as a vehicle for the students’ creative passion, showcasing their love for transportation and their inventive ideas.

To enhance your experience, we will provide an M.A.P. card to the first 15 families visiting M.A.P. during each Explore and Programme session. Your refund will be done upon return of this card.

About the Artist(s)

Pathlight School is the first autism-focused school in Singapore to offer a national curriculum together with life readiness skills for students on the autism spectrum.

Ticket Details

Explore tickets allow you to access our M.A.P. Arts Space within the specific time slots available on weekdays and weekends. To do so, you need to pre-book a group ticket for a refundable deposit of $15 (recommended group size of 5 pax). Please refer to our FAQ for more information.

Things to note

Terms and Conditions

– One EXPLORE ticket (admits up to 5pax) grants you access to the Visual Arts Space - M.A.P on the specific date and time slot that you have chosen. 

– Admission into The Artground’s Arts Space is free, with a refundable deposit of $15 per group booking when you book online. 

We will be issuing an M.A.P. Card to the first 15 families visiting M.A.P. during each Explore and Programme session.

  • For those who have selected for a refund, you will receive it after your visit (standard Credit Card refund terms apply).
  • A full $15 refund will only apply if a visitor who bought the ticket shows up for the allocated slot, returns their M.A.P. card and checks the ‘I would like my refund back’ option.

You may choose to donate your $15 deposit as well. 

– In the event of “No-Show”: In the event of “no-show” and the donation option is checked, the deposit of $15 will be considered as donation. If there was no indication of donation at the point of purchase, $15 will be considered forfeited. This forfeited amount will not be regarded as donation, but it will be classified under general income for The Artground’s free-access Visual Arts Space.

– What constitutes a donation: When a visitor purchases a $15 refundable ticket for Explore, it will only be considered a donation* if the “I would like to donate” option is checked / explicitly indicated at the point of ticket purchase. This information will be reflected in the backend report automatically and recorded as a donation unless the visitor writes to The Artground within 3 working days to inform them that it was a wrong selection made during the purchase.

– To redeem your refund, please make sure you verify your ticket at our reception and return your M.A.P. card

– If you would like to cancel your slot and have your deposit refunded, please let us know 3 working days in advance so that another parent can book for the slot. Unfortunately, less than 3 days notice will result in a forfeit.