Deep Sea

By Wu Yanrong | 20th January 2021 - 15th August 2021


vsa_deepsea_1.png About the Arts Space 

Deep Sea explores the lesser known part of the ocean where there is little food and oxygen, high pressure and no sunlight. This arts space commissioned by The Artground takes families into the deep underwater to imagine what it could be like. Similar to the deep sea, this arts space revolves around a whale carcass which is crucial for creating long-lasting ecosystems.This immersive experience is dimly lit and further enhanced with hints of blues. Coupled with specially composed atmospheric tunes, families will be transported to the imaginary deep waters. Designed for children’s active exploration and to create a unique experience, everyone is encouraged to wander and wonder.
vsa_deepsea_2.png  About the Artist 

With a strong background in visual and communication design, Yanrong has worked at various design agencies – with the latest being an Art and Graphics Lead at WeWork. Apart from her day job, she has been commissioned by organisations and brands, such as Facebook, Resorts World Sentosa and Hermes to create large scale murals, designs and window displays.Her works usually revolved around the theme which she is passionate about – the sea. Fluent in watercolours and ink painting, her signature broad and loose strokes have a way of defining the elements she paints while breathing life into it with each stroke.

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