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By Aida Sa'ad | 30th August 2018 - 9th January 2019


vsa_hullabaloo_1.pngAbout the Arts Space 

Hullabaloo was an explosion of colours, patterns and shapes which beckon children’s exploration and discovery. This whimsical landscape invites children to crawl into tiny spaces to uncover quiet hidden realms and run around structures of brilliant hues. Taking cues from the natural environment, Hullabaloo encourages children to see the space from different perspectives, imagine a world of magic, and immerse themselves in the kind of fun that beats at the heart of creativity.
vsa_hullabaloo_2.png About the Artist

Nur Aida Binte Sa’ad (Yellow Mushmellow), a visual artist, draws inspiration from the expressive and colourful drawings done by her sister, Aisha, who is on the autism spectrum. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from the Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media in 2014, and has since worked with a variety of brands such as Starbucks, Uber and Red Bull. Many relate easily to Aida’s work which reflect fun and interesting points of view from everyday observations and personal experiences. Aida is widely featured on various media platforms such as Berita Harian (2010-2018) and The Straits Times (2017) for her illustration, comics and ideas that bring the mundane to life.

The Inspiration Behind Hullabaloo

The concept of Hullabaloo, is inspired by Aida’s sister Aisha. During our initial meetings, Aida would always take Aisha to The Artground and she would be drawing rainbows after rainbows. The most iconic one was the rainbow smile, which we eventually made into the arts space visual. We then come up with the idea to develop Aisha’s drawings, and transformed them into three-dimensional art structures for everyone to enjoy! 


The Rainbow Slide

One of the highlights and iconic feature of the Hullabaloo arts space was the rainbow slide. We had designed a fort, with a crawl tunnel with climbing elements. It was both a challenging experience for the children and a big colourful spectacle for all to enjoy! Aida had spent many hours painting the designs on the structure, and it added an element of wonder and excitement as you explore the space.

vsa_hullabaloo_5.png vsa_hullabaloo_6.png 
vsa_hullabaloo_7.png vsa_hullabaloo_8.png 

Aisha's Little Corner

We dedicated a little space for Aisha to display her artworks. These were pieces that she had done for the arts space, and we wanted to have a space where she could show these beautiful artworks that were very much a part of her. We also had a short screening of a sharing session by Aida’s mother. She is part of a friendship group called BeadbyBead, which was formed by a group of mothers and their teenagers who are also on the autism spectrum. They would get together every week to do craft activities as a group. Some of these pieces were on display at the arts space!

vsa_hullabaloo_11.png vsa_hullabaloo_12.png 

Hullabaloo For The Little Ones

The baby stage was the perfect happy place for the little ones and those young at heart. It was a colourful wonderland filled with soft, fluffy elements that were hand made by Aida’s mum and the BeadbyBead group. It really gave the arts space a warm sense of belonging and uniqueness!

vsa_hullabaloo_15.png vsa_hullabaloo_16.png
vsa_hullabaloo_17.png vsa_hullabaloo_18.png 

Hullabaloo Goes To Malay Heritage Centre (MHC)

Hullabaloo was adopted by the Malay Heritage Centre. The bright yellow entrance really stood out and brightened the outdoor space. MHC gets many tourists and other local visitors daily, and we are very glad that they got to enjoy this colourful and fun piece in the space!

Find out more about our Arts Space Adoption Programme here!