The Curious Sky

By Ng Fongyee | 4th October 2019 - 22 March 2020
vsa_curioussky_1.png About the Arts Space 

The Curious Sky is a multi-sensory arts space inspired by elements of the weather. We often talk about the weather, but have we ever truly experienced the full spectrum of what it can bring? Come and join us to sing in the rain, dance with the rainbow, hear the thunder rumble or simply look up for the endless possibilities The Curious Sky brings you. 
vsa_curioussky_2.png About the Artist

Fongyee is a multidisciplinary artist working mostly with kids and technology, sometimes both at the same time. She believes in learning through play and experiments with various mediums in her art to activate dialogue between people, objects and spaces.

A space for curious minds

We wanted to create a curious immersive environment for children and their families. Each of the pieces presented at The Curious Sky takes an inquisitive mind to explore and discover. We believe that through self-discovery, it sparks a sense of wonder in a child to be able to imagine the impossible!

vsa_curioussky_3.png vsa_curioussky_4.png

The technology behind

We designed an interactive tunnel that responds to the movements generated through moving the ‘thunder tube’ that not only produces a thunderous sound, but also triggers a motion sensor that informs the LED light strips to light up – creating a lightning effect that is magical for both children and adults!

vsa_curioussky_7.png vsa_curioussky_8.png

A simple trick that would fascinate children is the coloured shadows that we have in the white cube space. Just simply by toggling three different coloured lights, we were able to achieve a spectrum of colours!

vsa_curioussky_9.png vsa_curioussky_10.png

We designed and created an interactive wall that can become a fun game as well. By pressing a button, it releases a chain effect, one of which activates blowers that pushes tiny silver beads (which were meant to symbolise rain) upwards and drives them into little holes and channels represented by the clouds and trees. Instead of just observing that reaction, the children will be quick to ‘close the gaps’ in some areas by using a simple mechanism, that they will be able to ‘trap’ the silver beads and create different formations with it!

vsa_curioussky_11.png vsa_curioussky_12.png