Wild Rumpus

By Adeline Loo | 24th January 2019 - 5th May 2019
vsa_wildrumpus_1.png About the Arts Space 

Wild Rumpus is an invitation into an imaginary world of creatures big, small, furry or gentle, and to make friends whoever is hiding behind the corner. Embrace the world of tactile material and feel what it is like to hug, cuddle and squeeze into something out of the ordinary.
vsa_wildrumpus_2.png About the Artist

Adeline Loo left her job as a paralegal to pursue her interest in fibre arts, and she seeks to create works which are immersive and textural. Adeline is drawn to personal experiences, stories, and practises craftivism to express herself. Working mainly with waste fabric, upcycled materials and other industrial detritus, Adeline is currently exploring sculptural processes with knitting and weaving techniques. She is also the founder of It Takes Balls, which seeks to challenge and redefine the traditional notions of knitting and domestic crafts. When not crafting, she can be found in Neil Gailman’s world and is well liked by most cats.

The many hands that make it all work

It takes a lot of create a furry wonderland such as Wild Rumpus. We started the weaving, crocheting and knitting early on and had lots of help from the community and generous parents who spend their time volunteering and donating spare materials.

vsa_wildrumpus_3.png vsa_wildrumpus_4.png 

Where Monsters come alive !

We wanted to create a tactile environment for the families that came to explore the arts space! From furry monsters to scaly monsters, you name it ! We gave each of the characters names and some description about what they are.  This acts as a great access point for parents to engage their children in exploring this imaginative world.


Interacting with the Monsters 

Arts immersion gets redefined as children engage in rhyming words which they read when they encounter each monster, ponder over fun facts such as the number of stitches it took to create the leg of the tallest monster, observe the difference in stitches which help tell two different monsters apart, and most importantly, explore the arts space through the active engagement of their physical self.

Wild Rumpus for the little ones

It was truly a dream come through for us to be able to design a tactile wonderland for the little ones exploring Wild Rumpus. We explored with so many different materials that had various textures and were very please to see the young toddlers interacting and exploring these intricate pieces that Adeline and her group pf volunteers painstakingly crafted.